Things I'm keeping on hand

As the country starts to open up, there is a concern on whether we will see a surge in cases and a second spike. Obviously, my hope is that we don't. But the truth is, nobody knows.


You guys know I've always been a preparer and solution-seeker so that I don't become a worry-er... now that things are coming back into stock, I am getting prepared for a new way of living as we open up. I've shared my immune boosting tips with you guys over email before, but in case you cannot find the email I've also written a blog post so you can refer back to it.


Things I am keeping in my home that may come in handy:

  • Oxygen Saturation Probe - This is one of the most useful tools in my doctor's bag, and the good news is, you don't need to be medically trained to use it. All you have to do is to pop it on your finger per instruction, and the reading shows up. This may not be accurate for little kids, check manufacturer's manual to see what age it is suitable from.


Why is this useful? Because one of the most scary things about Covid19 is the rapid desaturation (sudden drop in blood oxygen level) that many patients present with. If you don't have underlying medical conditions, a normal reading should be above 97%. If you had this at home, your doctor may find it useful in assessing you over the phone, or to monitor you remotely (please note, this does NOT replace medical advice, always consult your doctor for advice if you are sick.) - I don't have a recommended brand but you should be able to get a reliable one from CVS or your local pharmacy.

  • Thermometer - most people have one at home, but if you don't, it is a good idea to get one - forehead (temporal artery) is my favorite type. Ear thermometers are notorious for inaccurate readings in children because a lot depends on how far you are able to insert the instrument into their ear canal, the seal and the amount of wax in the ear canal.

  • Home remedies: You may want to stock up on pain/fever relievers like Tylenol - I don't use either of these personally, I prefer to use Leefy Organics (Plateful for 15% off your first order) - an organic ginger and turmeric tincture, in combination with essential oils to help with simple ailments (check with your doctor before starting any supplements). Something else that has been of tremendous help for us is BLDG Bioactive which has come in handy for minor injuries like cuts, grazes, sunburn, insect bites (use code Plateful10 for 10% off), I have it at home and carry it with me on outdoor activities.

  • Masks: What's my personal view on face masks? I think they help to protect others from catching the virus if you are infected... and for adults, there is probably a case for them when physical distancing is not possible. However, I have concerns. My 12 year old is able to wear her cloth mask without touching her face every 10 seconds (she still touches it a lot) but there is no hope for my 8 year old boy. He is constantly fiddling with his, moving it up and down, adjusting the elastic, and then rubbing his eyes. Anyway, I am not saying face masks do or don't work, we need better studies to look at that - but the fact is, in California, we HAVE to wear them just to be able to be in a public place. And so for my family, I purchased the organic cotton masks from Naturepedic, there is a 10% site-wide sale with code 'Save10' right now. I hand wash them after every use in hot water with Branch Basics (see below), and with school maybe re-opening in the fall, I am making sure I have enough so they can wear a fresh one to school everyday. (please note, I am not attesting to their efficacy with the virus, but I chose this mask because they were non-toxic, please have a discussion with your pediatrician if you are concerned about efficacy).

  • Soap - As you guys know, I love Branch basics. Many of you have asked me if it is effective against covid. The current guideline is that the best way of cleaning your hands is using a soap and wash for 20 seconds. Branch Basics is a soap and so the surfactant action should be enough when combined with the friction of rubbing your hands to dismantle the lipid layer of the virus. I also use this as a kitchen, bathroom cleaner and laundry detergent because it is non-toxic (Plateful15 for 15% off their starter kit). However, it is not a 'disinfectant' if you were just spraying it on a surface. I use Force of Nature for disinfecting in my home (Summer25 for 25% off + free shipping on starter kits or STAYSAFE15 for $15 off their value bundles)

  • Hand sanitizers - I purchased a big container of Humble at my local Wholefoods, and am pouring it into smaller glass spray bottles - I find it more economical and it's made up of just 4 ingredients: 80% denatured ethyl alcohol, aqua(USP Distilled water), glycerin, hydrogen peroxide - I will be sending my kids to school with these.

  • I always keep a red onion, garlic, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C at home in case we start to come down with any symptoms (see my Immune support blog if you want the recipe for my gargle, and for the full immune support tips check out my blog post). I also keep the On Guard and Breathe blend from Doterra handy.


Other items which I have found super useful and relied on heavily during the shutdown (You can find discount codes here for many of these, my readers also have exclusive access to a payment plan from $29/month on the Aquatru and Air Doctor):

  • Water filter - I have never liked buying bottled water, especially if it's cased in plastic - the endocrine disruptors leach into the water and I never know if the quality of the water inside is actually clean. New reports from the EWG has found that PFAS (the chemical used in Teflon) contamination of our water is far more widespread than previously thought. Getting a water filter may seem expensive but over time, it works out cheaper than buying bottled water.

  • Air filter - with allergy season and staying at home more, we have really benefitted from a quality air filter at home

  • Meditation app - Insight Timer

  • Sauna


Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog post is intended for educational purposes only and not to be used as medical advice. Nothing has been proven to protect you against or cure you of Covid19. If you are sick please consult your physician and follow their medical advice. Please do not change your medical treatments or lifestyle without consulting your physician first. Some of these supplements may interfere with your medication or medical conditions so always consult your health care provider. The information contained here has not been evaluated by the Food And Drug Administration. By reading this email, you agree to the terms of use and disclaimer listed on my website.


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