What if being tired all the time, brain fog, acne, PMS, extra weight doesn't have to be your norm?

If you have tried everything but are still stuck or confused, this course is for you.

If you are trying to conceive or planning to have a family soon, this course is for you.  


A 6-week journey to reduce your toxic burden and feel your best.


I know you are sick of feeling sick but don't know where to start.

Your labs have returned normal and your doctor doesn't seem to know what's wrong with you. 

You've tried every remedy, spent hours reading on the internet, but you feel even more confused and wondering if you are destined to feel like this forever. 

You wish you had the energy to play with your kids, garden, or cook. 

You wish you had the mental focus to study, read, and fulfil your potential

You see other people eating whatever they want yet have a slim waist, while you pile on the pounds with just one cheat meal. 

You see others with glowing clear skin while no lotion or cream can help you with your acne or eczema. 

Well, I want to congratulate you for being here. Because by being here you will learn one of the most important underlying causes of chronic illnesses that are not being talked about. 




In my opinion, environmental toxins are an important, but under-recognized root cause of health challenges, and not enough medical professionals are aware of their impact on our health despite the emerging supportive evidence.


If you go to a doctor, most of them will tell you that you don't need to detox because your body naturally does it for you. Whilst that is true, our detox organs are simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of toxicants released into our environment in the last 80 years, and many of us carry a toxic load.

Babies are born with these toxins in their umbilical cord - the EWG found 287 chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies in 2005. 


So if we are so good at detoxing, why are we passing these potentially harmful chemicals onto our unborn child? 


We can continue to bury our heads in the sand and pretend it is not happening until things get much worse, or we can start to take action and protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

If you are fed up with letting these chemicals hijack your energy, your mood, your digestion, your fertility, the health of your children, NOW is the time to act. 


There are tons of cleanses and supplements on the market, but most of them don't work because they are band aids. 

Juice cleanses don't truly support your detox organs and the wrong supplement can actually add to your toxic load. 


This course is different because I share THE SCIENCE of detoxification with you. I take the overwhelm out of non-toxic living and teach you how to incorporate 'detox' into your lifestyle, so you no longer have to waste money on gimmicky products that don't work.

In 6 weeks, you will learn:

  • How environmental toxins can affect our health

  • How 'detox' actually works and the common mistakes people make which hold them back

  • How to reduce your everyday exposures

  • How to support your body to eliminate toxins

  • How to incorporate these tangible, practical steps into your everyday lives


I've only heard about environmental toxins not long ago and I'm relatively new to this non-toxic space, so I'm glad to be on this course. It's provided me with a well-rounded view on this alarming issue and most importantly lots of actionable steps to support my health journey. - Shirley

The best investment for my health journey! Dr. Chen breaks down the science by explaining in a way that is easy to understand how our body works and how we can use food as medicine.  I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Chen and recommend this class to anyone who wants to take the next steps towards their health journey! - Lisa

What I loved about the course was the fact that it targeted the root cause of the problem. It’s the perfect start for a healthy way of living from all points of view. Also, the recipes are delicious! I’ve already implemented them on a daily basis and I’m happy to share them with my family. My mother that was eating the food I made had optimal blood pressure and glycemic index. Something that she didn't have in a long time. As for me, my PERIOD came in time, which didn't happen in the past month. - Anca

The Detox Right Curriculum...

Week 1

Do you need to detox?

  • How to detox the RIGHT way and what happens when you don't do it properly 
  • How toxins impact our health
  • Common symptoms that suggest you need to detox and why you have these symptoms.
  • Fun sheets with action steps to prepare your body for detox

Week 2

Where are the toxins coming from?

  • External, internal, and hidden sources

  • What you can do to protect yourself and your family

  • Step-by-step comprehensive guide to detox your home and everyday life

  • Fun sheets with action steps to prepare for detox

Week 3

How does the body detox? Start with the gut

  • Why gut health is central to detox

  • Cheatsheet on healing your gut and what supplements work
  • An overview of detox and why a lot of 'detoxes' and 'cleanses' don't work

  • Comprehensive videos covering the step-by-step of gut healing and what foods to include


Week 4

How to support our liver?

  • Deep dive into how the liver and gallbladder work in detoxification, looking in detail at phases 1, 2 and 2.5

  • Learn how to support each of these phases

  • I provide a cheat sheet on action steps to take including what foods and supplements to include

  • Live Q&A to answer your questions from the previous 4 weeks

Week 5

Kidneys, lymph and sweat.

  • Deep dive into the other detox organs, how they work and how to support them

  • Learn what to eat to support your kidneys, how to improve lymphatic circulation, how to sauna properly. 

  • I provide a cheat sheet on action steps to make it easy for you





Week 6

7-day Detox Plan

This week we translate what we learned into action:

  • My 7-day step-by-step Detox Guide to set you up for success

  • Live Q&A to answer your questions from previous modules and the 7-day Detox Guide

  • My signature Detox Right Recipe E-book which contains delicious meals carefully designed to support your detox organs

  • Meal plan and shopping list

  • Meditation and journalling worksheets to ensure you detox your mind as well your body


  • Many people spend between $1,000 - $10,000 to work with functional medical doctors.

  • Detox programs will cost you hundreds of dollars in juice cleanses and supplements that may not give lasting results. 

  • This course is not just a quick fix. It's not a one-time thing. It will save you money and time in the long run by empowering you with the knowledge that you can incorporate into your daily life.


I have paid more for a 2-hour visit trying to get to the root cause of my health struggles. I learned more in the 6 weeks of this course than in years of trying to figure this out on my own. - Shawna




$497 USD

  • 20+ of on-demand educational videos, 7+ hours broken down into bite-size instruction
  • Detox E-cookbook with 40+ recipes
  • Get support in the Detox Right Facebook group
  • 2x LIVE Q&A calls
  • Dr. Chen's expert list of resources & recommendations
  • Exclusive brand deals
  • Quick action points and cheatsheets
  • 7-day detox plan
  • ALL bonuses!








$1297 USD 


  • 2x 1:1 consults with Dr. Vivian Chen (1.5-hour initial visit + 30 min follow up) - Normally $950!
  • 20+ of on-demand educational videos, 7+ hours broken down into bite-size instruction
  • Detox E-cookbook with 40+ recipes
  • Get support in the Detox Right Facebook group
  • 2x LIVE Q&A calls
  • Dr. Chen's expert list of resources & recommendations
  • Exclusive brand deals
  • Quick action points and cheatsheets
  • 7-day detox plan
  • ALL bonuses!

Dr. Vivian’s Detox Course was incredible! Her resources, recipes and education were beyond my expectations! I used her recipes for 2-3 months and then the first month my husband and I tried to conceive - we got PREGNANT! I can’t recommend her course enough to anyone that’s trying to conceive - she provides easy switches and solutions to everyday toxin exposures! 

Detox Right is PERFECT for you if you…

  • Are struggling to navigate the healthcare system with unexplained health problems
  • Suffer from fatigue, brain fog, skin issues or weight gain and have been affected by a high toxin load
  • Need to optimize your innate detox capabilities
  • Believe toxins are contributing to your health concerns
  • Want to learn from an expert who has helped herself, her family, and clients reclaim their health

Detox Right is NOT for you if you…

  • Already have the answers to detoxing the right way and feel empowered with your health! 
  • Have a diagnosis and have specific questions about that diagnosis
  • Are not looking to reduce your toxin load 
  • Have a complex medical issue that would be better served with 1:1 support and consultation with a customized plan

Hi there!

I’m Dr. Vivian Chen...

A double board-certified doctor in internal medicine and family practice, with 15 years clinical experience in the UK now living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I decided not to get licensed as an MD in the US when I moved from the UK to California, instead, I focus on helping my clients through lifestyle and nutrition strategies.

As a conventional doctor, I was taught that genes dictated health destiny and that there is a pill for every ill. That’s how I practiced as an internist and family physician until my own health and family’s health started to deteriorate. Going from specialist to specialist, I was told it’s normal and to take medications, and that it is okay to feel fatigued and have brain fog because I was "just" stressed out. Refusing to accept it as “normal”. I started to do my own research and discovered the power of nutrition and lifestyle interventions. I also started to realize that environmental toxins can play a critical contributory role in chronic diseases. 

I now coach clients back to health through nutrition, exercise, mindset, stress, and toxin reduction.

And I can't wait to guide you inside Detox Right. 

LOVED this course! Dr. Vivian demystified detox without alarming me, and gave easy, actionable steps to take on my detox journey - all the while educating and encouraging. HIGHLY recommend! - Jaleh


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