Plate For Health e-cookbook

Inside A Doctor's Kitchen

If you struggle with healthy, tasty meal ideas for you and your family, this book is here to help. As a doctor with 15 years of clinical experience including 10 years focused on integrative health, I have seen first hand the impact food can have on our health. 

My husband is the ultimate foodie. He lives to eat. When he was diagnosed with hypertension, he had to change his diet and it was no easy feat to transition to healthy food while still satisfying his foodie palate. Additionally, I have to nourish but satisfy two kids growing up in a world where they are tempted by addictive processed food everywhere. I had to get creative but also efficient in the kitchen in order to succeed.



In this book, I share some tips and tricks I've learnt over the years to make healthy eating easier when you are busy, and included my family's favorite recipes that satisfy their picky tastebuds. 

What's included:

- My tips and tricks

- Meal prep ideas

- Pantry list

- What you'll find in my refrigerator

- 40+ recipes including creams, dressings, breakfast, mains, dessert, snacks and drinks

- health benefits and WHY I love these recipes

Health starts in your kitchen and I hope this book is a resource to help you plate for better health. 

* 5% of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to Earth Alliance Amazon Forest Fund, because I feel so strongly that in order to be healthy we need our planet to be healthy first. 



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