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I provide one to one virtual coaching, either as a one-off service or a month to month concierge service. 

I usually start by taking a full health history, starting from before you were born, looking for clues that may play a role in your health status.

I can also look over your previous labs to provide some guidance. We then discuss next best steps and formulate a wellness plan using lifestyle changes.

As I am not licensed in the USA as a medical doctor, I cannot make diagnoses or give treatments.

However, I can provide a lot of value in guiding you on how to work with your doctor to request the most suitable labs and get to the root cause imbalances. 


"I wish to update you on what I would deem as great news. I returned home for a holiday and did some checkups. My doctors were perplexed that my ovaries were normal and they are unable to consider me as “PCOS”


"Dear Vivian, I wanted to thank you for your care and guidance over the last few months. Your knowledge on stress related issues was invaluable. Along with your help tackling a huge change in my eating habits.. I have been able to transition to veganism in a gradual and what i believe a sensible pace. Your understanding of your patients needs it’s a great quality. Thanks again."

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