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Top 10 Personal Care Swaps E-Book

The beauty industry is not regulated. If you're confused by the greenwashing, false claims,  and don't know what products are TRULY non-toxic, this guide is for you. It will save you hours of research and money. 


Detox Your Home E-Book

 Inside you'll learn the exact steps to take when reducing toxins at home. 

This guide will take the overwhelm out of non-toxic living and give you step-by-step guidance on where toxins lurk in your home. 


Comfort Foods E-Book

Do you salivate over the thought of a creamy, chocolate-covered almond butter cup laced with crunchy granola? Or a lasagne topped with bubbling vegan mozzarella? If you have been searching for healthier versions of these traditional comfort foods, this is the book for you. 10% off with link below!



A lot of you already KNOW the power of plants but feel like you don’t have the time, don’t like the taste of veggies, don’t know how to prepare them, don’t know what to buy, or get bloated when you eat them. 


Plate For Health E-Cookbook

If you struggle with healthy, tasty meal ideas for you and your family, this book is here to help.

As a doctor with 15 years of clinical experience including 10 years focused on integrative health, I have seen first hand the impact food can have on our health.


Podcasts + Webinars

Webinar with Dr. Elisa Song, MD - Holistic Pediatrician

Listen in to my amazing conversation with my dear friend, Dr. Elisa Song, MD - Holistic Pediatrician where we discuss chronic conditions in children + why detox is so important.

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"What we're still getting wrong about detoxes" with mindbodygreen

Vivian, an internal medicine physician, joins mbg co-CEO, Jason Wachob, to discuss why "detoxing" deserves a rebrand, little ways to detox every single day.

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"This toxin may be making you fat" with Heal Thy Self Podcast

Doctor Vivian Chen joins Dr. G to talk about the missing link in weight loss

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