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Consult your healthcare provider before starting any of the products listed below. 

My favorite teas

USDA organic, Triple-Toxin-Screened for heavy metals, pesticides, and toxic mold. 

Cold extraction maximizes polyphenol content. No prep or brewing required, super convenient.


Pique Matcha 

Organic + Triple Toxin Screened for heavy metals - important for matcha.

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(P.S. I prefer the tin but you can also get sachets too)


Matcha & Electrolyte

Love this combo for skin health, hydration and antioxidants.
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Anima Mundi

Organic, premium herbs + tinctures. I love the Rose powder to add to my matcha, Rose-Schisandra tincture (liver + heart), Happy Belly powder, and the Mushroom Mocha powder. 

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Young Kobras

Love this rustic Gluten free sourdough made with great ingredients.

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Organic Olivia

My favorite, heavy metal tested Herbal tinctures. I love: Liver Juice, Glucobitter, Spring Defense

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Seven Sundays Cereal

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My favorite coffee

This mold toxin and pesticide free coffee is roasted to minimize harmful compounds like PAH, acrylamide and maximize antioxidants. 

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Protein powder

I like their Vanilla So Lean So Clean powder. Note: I have only seen COA on their vanilla flavor. I only use this one. I also use their greens powder when I travel.

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Skout Snack Bar

The only Snack Bars I like, no added sugar. They also have better-ingredient cookies now too. 

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JOI nut milk base

I use their organic cashew and almond base to make instant nut milk, with no gums/additives.

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Wild Soil Almonds

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They test for heavy metals. I love their cacao fruit bars which is a100% dark chocolate and their coconut nectar sweetened chocolate chips for baking. 


Seeking Health Supplements

I use their optimal Magnesium, Zing lozenges, NAC.

Consult with your doctor before supplementing


Broccoli Sprout supplement

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When I can't get access to broccoli sprouts e.g. travelling, too busy to grow - I take these. 


Goldmine Natural Foods

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Fabula Coffee

Their Pods are plastic free 


Mountain Rose Herbs

My go to shop for dried herbs and teas


Turmeric Ginger Elixir

I use this for pain relief and inflammation.

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Medicinal Mushroom Powder

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Aspen Green CBD

I use this for pain relief and inflammation, or temporary sleep issues

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I use this Spirulina


Are you detoxing right?

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