Personal Care

Osea Skincare

Fav products: Dream cream (this is the retinol I use now), Hyaluronic sea serum, sea glow sea serum, Anti-ageing body balm, Undaria body oil, and dayglow oil.

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DIME Beauty

More affordable clean skincare brand. I love their: Jelly cleanser, Foaming cleanser, Blue facial oil, Tinted sunscreen, Acne trio (for my kids), and sometimes I wear their 'less toxic' perfume (Love "Tuesday Date Night" and "Dan Le Bois" for me, "Voir Le Bon" for hubs"). 

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This is my wellness swiss army knife - not only has it done wonders for my skin (glow, reduce appearance of fine lines/breakouts), I use it when I have aches/pains, injuries, grazes/bruises... and so much more!

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Primally Pure

Love their: Their lip balm (not vegan) is my favorite and tested negative for PFAS, also love their Jasmin body oil everything balm, deodorant, shower gel.  Code: Platefulhealth for 10% off sitewide


Aleavia Body Wash

My favorite skin balancing body wash.

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My favorite hair care. I use the ultra-moisture shampoo and the ultra-repair mask as the conditioner.

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Boca Floss

I like their floss (tested negative for PFAs in 2023) but don't use their toothpaste.

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Less toxic Make up

Code: platefulhealth 10% off Queen Musia (I wear Ada and Becky Sharp). Also love their mascara. 


BLDG Active Skin Repair 

Always in my First Aid Kit - helps with grazes, wounds, sunburn.

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My Makeup Bag

I like different products from different brands. Here's a link with all the products I use linked.


Risewell Toothpaste

This is the toothpaste we use at home

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We use their sunscreen and chlorine wash

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Just Ingredients

I love her deodorant, face serum, electrolytes, flavored water powder, and dry shampoo. 

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Beauty By Earth Self Tanner

They also have a great aloe vera gel


Huella 10-Free Vegan Nail Polish

No nail varnish is 100% non-toxic. But this is a 'better' choice.

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Madison Reed

It's not 100% non-toxic but the best I've found that works for my hair.


Top Personal Care swaps to make first

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I’m an affiliate for some of the brands listed here. This means that when you purchase using the link, I make a commission, at no extra cost to you, which helps with costs involved in producing the free content I provide both on my website and social media. These are products I love and use in my own home. However, I am not telling you what would be suitable for you. Please do your own research and find the best option for your own needs.