The Detox Right Course

Many conventional doctors will tell you that you don't need to detox...

'because your body naturally detoxifies itself' - and that's true! However, it is undeniable that we live in a polluted world and sometimes our body is overwhelmed and needs support to eliminate what we encounter.

'Detox' has such a bad name because there are so many snake oil sellers out there peddling unproven 'remedies'.

This self-study online course will help you understand the science behind detox, the correct way to do it, with proven strategies to help you feel better inside out. 

Led by Dr. Vivian Chen, who experienced heavy metal toxicity herself, and combatted extreme fatigue, brain fog, acne, and anxiety by supporting her own detox pathways. 

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Inside the course, you can expect...

  • Comprehensive videos and workbooks 
  • Sources of toxins and how to reduce them in your environment
  • Understanding how your body detoxes and how you can optimize that. 
  • A detox framework to get you started with delicious recipes

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