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Take notice of them and address the root cause imbalances which commonly cause our symptoms: our diet, lifestyle, and environmental toxicity - things I wish I learned at medical school but didn't. Things that helped me reverse my years of fatigue, migraines, acne, anxiety, and my kids' allergies.

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" If not for Vivian, I would have been at my wits’ end. My 6yo has had allergies and eczema since she was born but thanks to Vivian we had been able to manage them well and even outgrow a couple of her allergies. She also hardly has any eczema now which is a relief (pun intended!). Vivian is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to allergies and gut health, and makes it very easy to understand. In fact, she recommended I take probiotics daily before I got pregnant with my second child, as it is likely to reduce the chance of him developing allergies. I did so up till his first birthday and when we went for an allergy blood test, he was given the all clear. I couldn’t be happier! "


"Dear Vivian, I wanted to thank you for your care and guidance over the last few months. Your knowledge on stress related issues was invaluable. Along with your help tackling a huge change in my eating habits.. I have been able to transition to veganism in a gradual and what i believe a sensible pace. Your understanding of your patients needs it’s a great quality. Thanks again. "


"My sister just had her baby. She is breastfeeding him and he’s experiencing bad eczema. All the dermatologist told her is that her son will grow out of it. We tell her it’s diet. She is switching away from dairy, soy and eggs. I had fwd one of your post about your experience with your son’s eczema. My nephew’s skin is slowly getting better with wet wraps, oatmeal bath, his mom’s diet change and some topical rx. This tool will help out with her diet change. Really love your post!!! "


"I wish to update you on what I would deem as great news. I returned home for a holiday and did some checkups. My doctors were perplexed that my ovaries were normal and they are unable to consider me as “PCOS". "


"As someone who is very busy and deals with a stressful job, I'm glad I prioritized working with Dr. Vivian Chen. She helped me get to the root cause of many years of chronic fatigue. Highly recommend. "



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