Healther Kitchen Swaps

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2024

Kitchen is the soul of any home. Unfortunately, it is also often a place where unwanted toxins that can mess with our hormones, affecting our fertility, thyroid, weight, energy levels, and even brain health. 

I've listed some better kitchen swaps I use in my own home and provided affiliate partner links and codes (this means that, when you use my link and code, I will make a commission. I only ever share products I truly love and use and your support means I can continue to create free educational content for you online - thank you so much!) 

Here are a couple of resources for you if you want to learn more about healthier cookware and air fryers: 





Dish washer soap: 

  • I use Aspen Clean (Love they do refills) - code Platefulhealth 15% off your 1st order. (I also use their laundry detergent)

Dish washer tablets:

  • I use Branch Basics (love that there is no plastic and the packaging is compostable) 


  • I use Branch Basics [code platefulhealth on kits]  - I have been using them to clean my entire home for 7 years now. Nothing has come close to how well it works for me. I love that it is unscented, and that each bottle of concentrate can be used to make bathroom cleaner, All-purpose, window cleaner, and when paired with their Oxygen Boost it is literally my cleaning ride-or-die. [Code: platefulhealth for 15% off any kit] 



Cutting Board - 100% solid wood, no glue


Cast Iron - this is the best pre-seasoned cast iron I've used, and it came pre-seasoned so all I had to do was cook on it a few times for the perfectly non-stick saute pan. [code platefulhealth]